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Tivo freezing

My TiVo box keeps freezing. This has been happening for a few weeks, powering off at mains and back on resolves but it has just happened twice in the last hour. Any ideas or does it need an engineer?

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Re: Tivo freezing

Yes I'm afraid it probably does need an engineer. It's probably dying. Could at the outside be a signal error. 

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Re: Tivo freezing

Hi Grahamathome,


Thank you for posting on the Forum. I'm sorry to hear that your TiVo box keeps freezing up and that this has been ongoing for a few weeks. It's great to see Parrotperson jump in with advice about the problem you are having.


I have been able to access your account via your Forum details and can see that you have already arranged an appointment for an engineer visit.


Please let us know how this goes for you.


Kind regards,



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