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Tivo fails to record F1 qualifying

Can someone explain why my Tivo has not recorded the rescheduled F1 qualifying today at 17:00 - 18:00. Recording hiccups shows it was not recorded due to being a duplicate. So I deduce it has been identified as the same show as last nights scheduled qualifying.


Given its a totally new replacement show surely Tivo should not reject it as a duplicate? Realise it was probably a bit of a duff event but would rather not have Tivo repeat this in the future.

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Re: Tivo fails to record F1 qualifying

The same thing happened to me, but I noticed it just before the program was due to start so was able to tell my TiVo to record it anyway.  As you say, it wasn't going to record as it was identified as a duplicate of last nights episode.  It looks like when they updated the listings they used the same episode details.  I'm assuming that whoever did the update doesn't watch F1 and didn't know that it was a different program, so the mistake was probably just human error.


It was nice to see that they were actually able to update the listings in time, but a shame they got the details wrong.

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