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Tivo ethernet only allowed on class c networks? Why?

I want to connect my tivo box to my home network but it constantly says network address out of range. My home network is using the private class b addressing scheme as i am running various routers for different services in the house. Ie, the android phones/tablets all run on one subnet with no access to domain resources, the pcs on a different one with full domain access and all the networking hardware on a separate subnet.


Every other bit of hardware works correctly, even the virgin super hub in cable modem mode, but the only thing that insists on running on the limited class c, even though it accepts the 10 class a network over the direct input.

why can the tivo box not accept the 172.16.x.x address as valid even when i set it as a static ip rather than one obtained via dhcp? All I want is to have the box able to talk to the rest of the network. I'm not going to reconfigure the whole network just to fit the tivo box when everything else is working. 

Is there a firmware update that will take out the ip class limitation for the tivo box or are we stuck with a crippled box because home users are not meant to be able to understand anything more than 'plug in the cable and it will work'? It doesnt work on a class b domain based network. It even goes back to me showing the installation engineer how to set up the superhub because he knew nothing about networking other than "plug it in, use wifi."...