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Tivo changing series link settings

My father's Tivo  box is driving us mad. I set up series links for him, and every time, I take care to change the settings to, 'Recordings only', and 'Keep until I delete'.  When his recordings start to build up, the Tivo box changes several of the series links to, 'Recordings and streaming videos', and 'Keep until space needed'. Unless we can spot the change in the little symbol from padlock to triangle or hourglass, my father loses recordings that he was very keen to see. He has lost a number of programmes this way.  It is VERY infuriating. Surely when you manually change the setting to, 'Keep until I delete' (and indicate that you do NOT want streaming videos) it should stay like that, even at the expense of other programmes that may not be taped later on. Is there any way of stopping the machine from overriding the viewers express wishes?

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