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Tivo boxes not connecting to catch up and 'freezing'

Hello again everyone ( particularly, very helpful Printer elf )

Generally I am very pleased with Virgin's broadband and T.V.

Thanks mainly to Printer elf ( and Don who almost 'chipped in' ) who has 'ironed out many wrinkles' along the way. I hope I'm not speaking too soon, when a few days ago my youngest son's Tivo box ( we have three in total ) wasn't able to receive 'catch up' ;a message which read unable to connect through ethernet or words to that effect was shown plus an exclamation mark showed alongside the words 'catch up' on the main menu.We did however rectify it by switching the box off from the switch at the rear and turning it back on and Hey Presto it worked ok. For some reason I noticed that the green wi fi signal light flashing endlessly on our hub ( no one was trying to connect to a device I should add) meant I couldn't connect to the internet but again switching off at the socket and turning back on put that right. Lastly my wife tried to get to the tv guide but after a few minutes the TV screen went blank, showing only the HDMI 1 in the corner, After switching the box off from the rear and on again it made no difference so I just guessed and pressed a button on the top left of the box ( above where the stand by light is ) and everything began working again.

These are probably little glitches everyone has to put up with at times, but I wondered if anyone knows why they did what they did and hopefully agree that I tackled them the correct way!


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Forum Team
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Re: Tivo boxes not connecting to catch up and 'freezing'

Hello Steve,


Thanks for posting on the community Smiley Happy


From the description you have given I would like to arrange for one of the team to take a look at this for you, I have identified signal issues which could be causing this to happen so I'm just going to pop you a private message with appointment times which you will find if you click on the purple envelope at the top right of the screen.


Speak to you soon



Forum Team

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