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Tivo boxes noisy

Had Virgin installed on sat 10th Dec...2 samsung tivo boxes and broadband.
Previously had sky for 15 years plus.
Both samsung tv boxes are really noisy make an old fashioned hard drive sound clearly audible over tv at normal volume. Very disappointed...also loading speeds for apps are very slow. Nowhere near as good as sky plus boxes. Why is this?
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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Tivo boxes noisy

Hello mikekayblue,


Welcome to the community and I'm sorry to learn you're experiencing issues with your TiVo® boxes.


They are known to make some sound due to the moving parts inside the box but it should not be so loud that you can't hear your television on normal volume.


I would like to arrange for someone to take a look at this for you so if you click on the purple envelope at the top right of the screen you will see a message waiting for you with further information.


Speak to you soon

Forum Team

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