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Tivo box stuck on starting up screen

Can anyone help.  My Tivo box has been playing up recently saying certain HD channels are no longer available and then yesterday when I turned it on it gets stuck at the starting up screen.  Spoke to technical support who could offer no advice except to say that an engineer will have to come out to check that the box is not working.  Earliest appointment is a week from now.  Apparently if he finds the box to not be working, which he will, he will then have to order a box and then come back and fit it, maybe 2 weeks hence from his first visit.   This is very frustrating as I pay virgin nearly £140 for my services and when we have problems they take forever to sort the problem out.  This happened to another of our boxes last year and took nearly a month to sort out.  If you work for a living appointments seem scarce unless you take time off work which my wife and I can't do as we are self employed.   Has anyone had a similar problem and found a fix to reset the box.  Have tried the usual power cycling but no joy.  Any help greatly received as Virgin don't have a solution apart from me being 2-3 weeks without any channels.