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Tivo box - piece of crap

This is more of a rant than me looking for answers, we're getting rid of Virgin media asap because their unbelievably crap tivo box.

So sick and fed up of the box now, here's some reasons why:

  • re-boots randomly then gets stuck in a loop where the lights just start flashing all the time, keeps saying its restarting.
  • Even the slightest bit of contact to the box makes all the lights start flashing, along with a loud noise, like fans are going crazy inside it or something.
  • it takes about 2-3 minutes for the guide to finally load up, and the same time agin to scroll down the page.
  • As of today the guide doesn't even bother to load anymore.
  • Selecting home > help and settings > settings > network > connection status shows that loading info never gets above 2%
  • Re-starting the thing makes no difference

I dont think this is acceptable, £56 a month for broadband basically, can't wait to leave now.


rant over. 

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Re: Tivo box - piece of crap

nothing you have listed is normal. Have you had any support with that?
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Re: Tivo box - piece of crap

So you have either extreme signal issues, a dying box or both?

What did the Faults team say when you talked to them about it when it started happening?

You'll get an immediate response if you give them a ring on 150 [VM phone] / 0345 454 1111 [non-VM phone] (from 08:00 until midnight, every day), or use the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page to initiate a live chat (from 08:00 until 20:00, Monday to Saturday)

This is primarily a user community forum and while the VM Forum Team do endeavour to read and, where appropriate, respond to every thread, it can take them from a few days to a couple of weeks to wade through the volume of posts. So for an technical issue, which this seems to be, your best line of inquiry is through the Faults team via the methods above.

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