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Tivo box issues


My Tivo box is a few years old now but the last 6 mths or so while watching some recordings or simply watching TV the sound keeps going off. I know this is not my TV as it does not happen when watching DVD's etc so is obviously a problem with my Tivo box or possibly its hard drive. Can anyone help please?

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Re: Tivo box issues

Hi Ddebs26,


Welcome into the Community, I hope that you've been able to navigate around the places with ease Smiley Happy


I'm very sorry to read about the recordings being inaudible and sometimes on live TV, which is odd indeed. I've been running a test on the TiVo and there's not really much to see in in regards of a fault. I would like to ask if you could possibly change the HDMI cable and let me know?


I was able to check other services in the home and I've been able to see that other services in the home could potentially have a issue, I've sent you a 'Private Message', you can find this by clicking on the little purple envelope near the top right of the page.

Stay in touch and have a great day.

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