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Tivo auto starting on tv

 I have a 42 inch Panasonic Viera plasma screen which was linked to my V+HD box for the past couple of years by an hdmi  cable .I could come in switch the tv power button on the front of the tv and then switch the box on and I would have live tv straight away.

Yesterday I had a new Tivo box installed with the same hdmi cable in the same port to the same tv .

Now I switch the tv on by the button ,switch the Tivo box on and get nothing......

I have to then go get the tv remote ,press a channel button and the switch to hdmi 1 on the tv.

Any help please why it wont auto start straight to the TiVo.?????

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Re: Tivo auto starting on tv

With most modern TV's the mode you switch off in is maintained when you switch on again. So if you switch off with the TV connected to HDMI 1 it should go back to HDMI 1 when you switch on again. Many do this now as a lot of Satellite & Cable customers don't have an aerial connected. If it doesn't, look through the TV's menu system, as you may find a setting that will trigger the aforementioned behaviour.


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