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Tivo Self Install

Today I received a new Tivo as part of Box Swap.  I set it all up and, as per the instructions, didn't turn it on.  I then called the number for the Activation signal to be sent, only for the message to immediately tell me that the signal couldn't be sent.  I held for an operator and the first thing she said was to turn it on (despite the written instructions I had received).  I did this an left it for an hour but having returned to it I see that the checklist was stuck on IP Configuration and there was a message saying I needed to call VM.  Is this because the lady I spoke to didn't actually send the activation code like she said?

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Tivo Self Install

yeah sounds like it
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Re: Tivo Self Install

Hi Wodonnell,


Welcome back to the Community and thanks for sharing your post Smiley Happy


I'm sorry that the TiVo wasn't sent the signal when needed, the signals can sometimes take a little while but it appears that the operator may have left this out. 


I would love to know if things are working well now? I've been able to see everything is online but would just like to know if there's anything I can do?


Many thanks.



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