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Tivo QuickStart, not so Quick!

I recently signed up to Virgin Media again and am quickly regretting doing so.

I opted for the QuickStart kit as I already had points in the house. The TiVo box and SuperHub turned up promptly on Saturday and whilst the SuperHub is now up and running (so I have connectivity and internet access) the TiVo is unwell.

Despite everything being connected when it starts up I get the error Account Setup (M63) - Your account is not currently setup correctly. Please call us on UNKNOWNfrom any other phone for further assistance. (M63) - as per the attached image.

The box clearly has connectivity to something as I can pick up and watch some basic BBC channels, but the guide, interactive and most other channels are not accessible so that tells me something is awry the other end.

Luckily I'm in a 14 day cooling off period, I'm giving serious consideration to exercising that right as this is a somewhat disappointing start to my VM and TiVo experience. I'm assuming my billing cycle won't begin until my services are actually functional?


Many thanks,





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Re: Tivo QuickStart, not so Quick!

Whilst I can understand it's disappointing occasionally things do go wrong. You need to phone 150 free from a virgin phone or 03454541111 to let them sort it out. You either have a connection issue with the box itself or more likely your account has not been activated so a simply phone call may well sort it out 

if it doesn't thens the time to get cross! But you need to at least give them the chance to fix it. 

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Re: Tivo QuickStart, not so Quick!

Hi CraigyD,


Thanks for your posting on the Forum. I'm sorry that you experienced problems with your TiVo® Quickstart. Apologies as well for the delay in getting back to you. It's great to see that Parrotperson was able to give you some advice about this issue.


Checking into this for you, I can see that you called in and my colleague was able to get your TiVo® working for you. How's the TiVo service been for you? Please let me know if you have any further problems.


Kind regards,


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