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Tivo Picture

Good day forum users. I have an issue with my Tivo picture, It isn't my television because I have tried 3 tvs with the tivo box and changed the HDMI cables to cancel out that problem. The picture seems to be curved. Like the sides are zoomed slightly and the centre is thin an narrow. Not highly noticeable, but enough to drive you round the bend once you know it's there. Is my box on the blink? Any help would be great. THANK YOU
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Re: Tivo Picture

Hi there Tartansarge, 


I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the forums and say that I'm sorry to hear that the TiVo® picture has gone a bit wonky for you. 


I've done a few tests this end, and can see no reason for this, thank you for letting me know that you've tried a different TV and different HDMI leads, this certainly does rule out anything equipment wise your end. I'd now have to ask if you've been able to test the different video outputs that are set with in the TiVo®. 


You can do this by following this path on your remote control. 


Home > Help and Settings > Settings > Video Output


Then check out TV aspect Ratio and Video Output Format. 


If making changes to these make no difference then I think it may be best to get a technician to call out and take a closer look for you. I've sent you a private message in order to get things moving with this. Please look to the top left of this page where you'll see a red envelope icon, click on that, and you'll see my message. 


Many thanks and apologies once more





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