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Tivo Picture Problems and noisy box

Has anybody experienced this problem where the picture on TV is distorted some of the time, it doesn't go to full pixilation just blurry and shadowy.  It only seems to happen in the evenings and the weekend.  I have had 4 engineer visits and tests have been ran on the line but they all seem fine and when the engineer comes the picture is fine but I did record what the picture was like on my phone to show them the last time and they agreed that it definitely was not right.  I have had a booster fitted, something mended in the box in the street and a new Tivo box but nothing has fixed the problem.  I have a HD box upstairs and this one is fine.  I have changed the Noise Reduction settings on my TV and this didn't work this was because the last customer service advisor kept telling me the answer to my problem was 'customer re-education'.  Currently I cannot watch the TV in the evenings and at weekends when I want to so I am paying for a service I can't use!!


Also on top of that since they swapped the Tivo box it now makes a loud whirring noise that means I have to have the TV turned up when it is actually working.


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Re: Tivo Picture Problems and noisy box

Hi dolores1976


I'm so sorry to learn about the problems you've been experiencing with your TiVo service, I'd like to take a closer look at this from our end but I've not been able to locate your account unfortunately.


So I can take a look, would you be able to respond to the private message I've sent with the requested information? You can view the message by clicking the red envelope on the top left of this page.


We'll talk soon


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