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Tivo - Paying for a service erroring frequently


I have a Tivo box with Virgin Media. In September 2016, the box I had faulted, resulting in me having to call Virgin to get a replacement. It would not turn on properly and took multiple attempts. I received a new box and all was well and good apart from lost recordings... until christmas!

Virgin box once again faulted on Christmas Day. Turned off by itself and never turns back on, keeps going in circles with the "Starting up" screen. When it does eventually turn on after what seems an eternity (can be hours), I get 30minutes of viewing before it once again crashes. 

I was unaware that Virgin were open, so I contacted on 3rd January. The call taker wasn't very helpful and just said he'll send out a new box. They couldn't find a fault on the system?

I am unhappy with paying for Tivo which TWICE has lost my recordings. I can't watch TV constantly, and have shows I enjoy recorded ready to watch at a later time... TWICE they've been lost.

This isn't good enough, Virgin Media. There's nobody to contact on the phone for complaints without being cut off (intentionally?) so hopefully this will get the ball rolling. I pay a high amount monthly for a service which has been rubbish since September 2016!

Miss Smith

i've also had a fault with my internet providing incredibly poor speeds since mid december also. I called regarding this and was told superhub was on wrong settings. Ok, changed them, but they are still obviously wrong or there's a problem along the speeds of 3.1mb aren't good enough for supposed 100mb+ I pay for. That isn't one for this forum area, I know, but making you aware of that also.

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Re: Tivo - Paying for a service erroring frequently

Welcome KSmith210194 and thanks for posting.

I'm really sorry to hear about the trouble you've experienced with your TiVo and Broadband services. I can appreciate this is frustrating especially as you've lost your recordings.

I can see you've called in already and our team on the phone have raised this for you. Hopefully we can get this sorted asap for you.

If you need any further assistance please don't hesitate to get back in touch.

Kind regards





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