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Tivo: Freezing and Pixelation

Like everyone's (from what I read here) my Tivo has bordered on the unusably slow for the several months. But over the last few weeks I've seen another problem.

Recordings have started to freeze on playback. I'll be watching a programme and suddenly the picture will just freeze. I can usually fast-forward to kickstart it again, but it's really annoying. This can happen two or three times in an hour-long programme.

I'm also seeing more and more pixelation on recordings.

It looks to me like a fault on the hard disk. Which is very depressing, given the large number of unwatched programmes on it that I'll lose if the Tivo is replaced. I was really hoping to hold on until the new Tive model became available, but this box is becoming unusable.

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Re: Tivo: Freezing and Pixelation

Hi Davorg,


Many thanks for coming back in and letting us know about the TiVo, I'm sorry that this has been freezing. I was able to check the TiVo and whilst I wasn't able to Identify anything with the TiVo or hard drive, I was able to see that some of your downstream power levels on the broadband weren't operating as they should be and would need some adjusting.


I've sent you a 'Private Message', you can find this by clicking on the little purple envelope near the top right of the page.
Many thanks and speak to you soon.



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