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Tivo Box constantly resetting


My Tivo box keeps on resetting itself constantly which is getting very annoying. I've had the same problem with three different boxes in three different houses now and it is getting very frustrating. 

Everytime an engineer visits they either adjust the signal to the Tivo box (which works for a small number of days) or they declare the box broken and replace it meaning that I loose all of my recorded programs. 

Is anyone else having this issue, and with it just being a hard drive, is it not possible to transfer the contents of the old hard drive onto the new one so I don't loose all of my shows? 

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Re: Tivo Box constantly resetting

Hi robhurt


Welcome to the Virgin Media Community, I'm very sorry to learn about the problems you're experiencing with your TV service.


I've been able to locate your account and run some tests on the line from our end for you. We're detecting some issues with the outgoing signal the TiVo is putting out which could indicate an issue with it. As a result, I'd like to arrange for an engineer to come and take a closer look if you're available.


I've sent you information regarding this in a private message, which you can view by clicking the purple envelope on the top right of this page.


Look forward to hearing from you


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