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Tivo Box Stuttering On HD Channels.



I was hoping a MOD could check my power levels etc on my Tivo box as I think somethings not quite right. 


I first noticed the issue when watching recordings from Channel 5 HD. The recording was full of stutter. It was like watching an old VHS tape being fast forwarded. The recordings were taken place at night.


I have not noticed the issue on any other HD channels. I did however get this issue last year on BT Sport HD Channels when watching football but it was only occasionally the screen would stutter so it wasn't as bothersome. 


Last night when watching Channel 5 HD I noticed the issue happening so therefor its not the recordings but the Channel itself. I switched over to Channel 5 SD and there was no stuttering. 


I was hoping the issue could be fixed from your end if a fault is found.

If an engineer is required then I hope I can book this at a future date as its quite a hassle for me to make access to the box due to a lot of electronics and wires. 


Thanks in advance. Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Tivo Box Stuttering On HD Channels.

Hi Jafooli,


Thanks for posting!


I've located your account and run some checks. There is an issue with the signal that's is likely affecting the picture.


Unfortunately, I won't be able to fix it from this end. I've sent you a private message (purple envelope at the top right of the screen) so I can arrange a technician.


Look forward to hearing from you!  Smiley Very Happy



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