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Tivo Box Keeps Crashing



My TiVo box continually crashes seems to be continually crashing - it happens multiple times every day and interrupts recording of shows.  What generally happens is, there will be some 'glitchy' noises from the box, all of the lights on the front will turn red and the box will turn off...  It will then reboot, which can take a good five or more minutes before the box is available to reuse.  Often this process will be repeated multiple times in sucession meaning that when recording shows we can lose whole hours of TV rather than just five minutes while the box resets.


As an example, I tried to record last night's football match.  The box crashed at the very beginning of the second half, about an hour and fifteen minutes into the recording.  It then clearly continued to suffer issues throughout the rest of the game as the recording resumed after the game had finished (45 minutes to an hour later).


This is causing us many issues, as it effectively means that we are not able to watch the TV shows that we want to record.  The whole point of paying for the TiVo box is because we want the ability to record TV, and we are not receiving this service.


I have noticed that the box does not appear to crash when the television is switched on (and we are watching TV live) but it does appear to crash continually and randomly when the television is switched off.  The crashing is not linked to the recording of shows - I have witnessed the box fail at all times of the day. 


Is anybody able to offer some help or assistance?

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Re: Tivo Box Keeps Crashing

Sorry but that sequence of events  is usually the sign of a dying box. Best call in for an engineer. 

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Re: Tivo Box Keeps Crashing

Hi Markhadley,


Thank you for coming to the Community, I'd like to welcome you from the Team and I Smiley Happy


After reading this I can imagine your frustration. I've been checking the connection and testing the TiVo from my side here, it's showing issues on the Input levels on all 3 tuners.


With this being the case and with no known faults in the area being worked on, I'd like to arrange an engineer.


I've sent you a 'Private Message', you can find this by clicking on the little blue envelope near the top right of the page.


Speak to you soon Smiley Happy



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