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Tuning in
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Tivo 2

When is the next generation of Tivo coming out as this is about due I reckon, a faster, thinner slicker looking box would;t go a miss and some bugs fixing. A nice remote control as the current one is hideous.


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Re: Tivo 2

Hi Leefrancis7,


Thanks for checking up on this.


I genuinely don't know the answer to that question as the development team keep things close to their chest. With Sky about to launch a new TV Box we have to up our game in order to compete. I'm sure there'll be lots of news and ads about this when we have more news.


Oh and I personally like the TiVo® remote but each to their own I suppose Smiley Wink



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Fibre optic
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Re: Tivo 2

The development team keep everything close to their chests and that is the problem, too close that nothing seems to happen at times. There is loads from people on these and other forums complaining about the basics of the TV service, Tivo optical broken, Tivo generally slow and getting worse, iPlayer woeful, apps not working. The list goes on and on and on and on.

So yes, Sky have got one over on Virgin yet again and with the above problems seemingly ignored there will be no surprise if people leave VM in their droves. Sky still have the 50% off for 12 months on TV for Virgin customers which is too tempting.

The press office pump rubbish out, take for example the wifi advertising in the summer advising that we would all be using wifi like the BT Wifi-Fon arrangement. That never happened due to "technical problems".

VM also need to stop assuming people want "warp factor" broadband speeds and concentrate on being a triple (possibly quad play) supplier. You can get the same experience with FTTC even though "the magic isn't in their cables" because they have consistent speeds and quality of service. Upgrading to Vivid200 when people can't even get 2Mb due to over utilisation! Its a joke.

With the latest price rise adding insult with the cheek to say that VM are investing in the network hence the rise, it is time to jump ship and take stock in a year or two.

Rant over but nobody here listens.


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Re: Tivo 2

"They keep things close to their chests" 

Here in a nutshell is an admission and illustration of all that is wrong with VM. At virtually every level there is a lack of communication between departments.

This starts at the lowest levels eg  customer services who were not told about the massive sink hole that cut off services.

It continues upwards with the basic engineers whose communication with both customer services and the Network people (the guys who work on the green street cabinets) seems to be considered unimportant by VM management. 

On many occasions I have discovered that engineers have not been given any proper information by customer services and are basically told not to contact Network personally in order to progress any problems efficiently. 

Its no wonder that customers go round in circles.

"Keeping things close to their chests" is the VM corporate motto and such an attitude must inevitably go all the way to the top level of management.

Depressing but true.