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TiVo won't go into Standby?

I have a small issue with my TV/TiVo combination. Sometimes when I switch the TV to the HDMI input, it just displays white noise instead of the TV picture. To get the TV picture to show, I have to put the TiVo into standby and out again.

This is not the main problem though. From what I understand, pressing Standby pops up a message about the standby mode, and pressing the button again puts it into Standby. The box however is not going into standby no matter how many times I press the button! I can only get it to go into Standby if I can actually see the TV picture and the message popping up. Is there a sure way to get the box to go into Standby mode when I can't see the TV picture?

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Re: TiVo won't go into Standby?

Hi Tom41


Sorry to hear about this issue, it's certainly a strange one.


From my understanding, this should be possible. Are you using the remote we sent out? What other HDMI devices do you have plugged into your TV?


Talk soon


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