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TiVo sound corruption on playback

Occasionally when I play back a recording on the TiVo box, the sound coming out of the TV is distorted. It’s hard to explain, but it sounds a bit like when analogue TV broadcasts were scrambled - lots of jarring high frequency sounds and speech becomes unintelligible. The problem also affects the TiVo box sound effects when doing things like fast forward and rewind.

Usually pressing stop then restarting the recording fixes this issue. It’s a minor issue, but I’m just wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences?

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Re: TiVo sound corruption on playback

Hi Tom41,


Thank you for coming back to the Community and letting us know about the playback issue on the TiVo, I can see you're making yourself at home Smiley Happy


I have had a look at all the boxes in the home and found that the hard drive is working well, which is good news. I have also checked out the signal levels and possible issues in the wider area but nothing has come back. I would like to ask, since you said this was something that happens now and then, what shows are you seeing this on or channel you're viewing?


Keep in touch and enjoy your evening.



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