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TiVo recordings freezing on playback on V6

Hi. I managed to get the two boxes (V6box downstairs and TiVo upstairs connected via power line) to show on one another. I am now having problems playing recorded programs from the TiVo box on the V6 box. The are freezing and then stop start. Happened once last night now is doing it on all programs tonight. Can't watch any of them on V6. They will work on the TiVo direct and V6 ones work on TiVo. Any suggestions please?
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Re: TiVo recordings freezing on playback on V6

Hi Addmoses


I'm sorry for the problems you're experiencing with watching your recordings on your other set top box lately. 


This sounds as if the connection between the two boxes is a little flaky, how is your general wireless connection at the moment? Do they have a good connection to each other? 


I've located your set top box to run some tests on the set top boxes and we're not detecting any errors from our end at the moment. 


We'd love to hear how things are at the moment. 


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