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TiVo rebooted out of nowhere, struggled to come back

Had a TiVo box replaced about two to three months ago, due to an issue with the hard drive that was affecting recordings. Had a new Samsung one installed and everything has seemed fine since.. Until this evening.

Was watching a recorded show when out of nowhere it went to black, and up popped the Starting Up message about a second later. After a few seconds this disappeared, and all the lights on the machine came on for a second before going off again. This then repeated, with a brief Starting Up message and all the lights popping up.

Eventually, after about five or six minutes, the TiVo came back on. Went back to the show and watched the rest of it with no issues, and its been fine for the hour or so since. Doesn't stop it rebooting out of nothing being concerning though, especially given the previous issues.

Wasn't a general power outage or similar, as there was no issues with the Superhub, phone, lights, television etc. Have run the test on the status page, which said no obvious problems could be found. Which I guess is good, but doesn't shed any light on what the problem actually is/was...?
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Re: TiVo rebooted out of nowhere, struggled to come back

Mine always did that from time to time. (for the past 5 years or so) Would not worry about it unless it becomes too frequent. Others have reported it too. I'm not defending it - it should not happen. Unfortunately there is no way to get any technical support or log bugs, the mods on here (at best) will just tell you to reboot often (reboot to prevent a reboot Smiley Very Happy) and check your signal levels and hope we all go away.

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