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TiVo - pixellation on HD channels and Clicking HDD


I've had a Cisco TiVo installed since 2012, which has been trouble free until the last couple of months. I've started to get some pixellation on HD channels, and sometimes the picture is 'jittery' and not smooth. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to it, and the unit can sometimes be fine for a few hours and then start pixellating regularly. The SD channels are generally not too bad though there is still slight pixellation on these. I get this on both live and recorded programs.

The other issue i've noticed of late is quite a lot of activity and quite loud clicking from the HDD. It also seems to be spinning up and down quite a lot recently too when in standby. Sitting here I can hear the HDD spin up, a couple of seconds later there are usually one or two quite loud clicks, (which can be heard over the hi-fi) and then about 5 seconds later the HDD will spin down again. Sometimes this can happen 3-4 times in a minute. 

I wondered if you guys could have a look at the unit from your end and see what you think please?

Many thanks.

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Re: TiVo - pixellation on HD channels & Clicking HDD

Hi Woodroff2


I'm very sorry to learn about the problems you're experiencing with your TV service, I've been able to locate your account and run some tests on the set top box from our end for you.


We're seeing some errors and I'd like to arrange for a member of the team to come and take a closer look, if you're available?


I've sent you information regarding this in a private message, which you can view by clicking the envelope on the top right of this page.


Talk soon


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