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TiVo picture keeps breaking up / pixellating


Over the last few weeks the picture quality on all channels on my TiVo box has gone down the pan. Every channel regularly stutters and goes pixellated making it incredibly frustrating to watch. Is there some sort of signal strength issue? I've tried resetting and rebooting the TiVo box multiple times, and have checked all the cable connections are secure but none of that has fixed the problem.

Any help will be appreciated! Cheers!

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Re: TiVo picture keeps breaking up / pixellating

you may well have a failing hard disk, definitely ring 150 and get them to check it out.....

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Re: TiVo picture keeps breaking up / pixellating

Hi Chrisblor,


Welcome back to the Community, it's good to see you again Smiley Happy


I'm very sorry that you've been having some picture breakup on the TV services, I know that this is never great, especially when you're just about to go into your favourite show.


I've been testing the connection and the TiVo is showing some downstream power level issues that would need addressing. I would like to arrange an engineer out to you as a search shows no known outages in the area you're linked to.


I've sent you a 'Private Message', you can find this by clicking on the little purple envelope near the top right of the page.
Stay in touch and have a fab weekend Smiley Happy

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