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TiVo on its last legs?!

I previously posted an issue re being unable to use the TV Anywhere app to control my TiVo - this was after having my Super Hub 2 replaced by a Super Hub 3 -

I then discovered that like others on here, I seemed to have an ethernet connection with my new SH3 - which was subsequently replaced. 

My TiVo is very slow (as confirmed by the VM engineer when he replaced my SH3). Last night I had to reboot the TiVo as I had a spinning wheel when trying to set a recording, which wouldn't go away! My TiVo now seems slower than ever - with regular occurrences of the spinning wheel. And since rebooting my TiVo, I once again cannot connect the TV Anywhere app!

I have been a customer for almost 25 years (initially with Nynex) ... but am now seriously questioning myself about staying with VM once my current deal ends at the end of May. 

As well as being horribly slow and clunky, my TiVi is almost impossible to use for iPlayer etc. 

I'm not sure what the answer is - but I hope that sometime over the next week a member of the forum team reads this and can help! 

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