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TiVo keeps "updating"

Sometime last month our TiVo box came up with a message saying "We're updating your Digital TV service which may take a few minutes". It went through some stages and restarted... Only for it to do the whole process again.

And again.

And again.

For 2 days straight.

In the space of a month we've had three engineers out, had 3 new boxes installed and had the place rewired and are still no closer to a solution.

Anyone had a similar experience or have a possible solution?

There's no point paying for a service I'm not receiving.
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Re: TiVo keeps "updating"

Hi there Sqwgglz, 



I'm really sorry to hear that your TiVo® has not been working for some time despite having several technicians, replacement boxes and some rewiring completed. 


This does seem really peculiar. Upon checking your account I can see that the fault has been escalated to a senior TiVo® engineer, so I've sent him an email asking for any progress on this. 


I've had an out of office reply saying that he is out of the office until tomorrow, so I will keep an eye on this for you. 


I would however, like to make sure that even though you're experiencing this issue, the TiVo® has been left powered on. 


Many thanks and apologies once more. 




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