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TiVo extremely sloow


for the past several weeks our tivo box has been extremely slow and laggy, it can take anything from 1-5mins for access recordings, tv channels, record shows, accessing on demand. i have attempted reboots twice a day once in the morning and at night but still the problem persists

help please

thank tou

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Re: TiVo extremely sloow

Hi Andrew sorry mate, there are literally hundreds of user posts on this forum about this problem. Unfortunately there are very few from VM.

As usual the tech guys and girls have no clue how to provide a fix. There are several procedures you can attempt which may 'help' the situation but there seems to be a total lack of urgency and/or meaningful response from VM sources about the problem.

As usual it seems like they are ignoring this situation by saying that as it doesn't affect all users and then they immediately bury their heads in the sand again. 

You are expected to get used to bad service and keep quiet about it.

It appears to me that as long as people keep paying them loads of money every month Liberty Global (the American parent company which owns VM) won't give a toss.

Not what you, or anybody else wants to hear but this service is IMO on an accelerating downward spiral and by ignoring so many of its customers is getting itself a very bad reputation.

It would also appear that imposing fines, losing a few customers etc., are an inconvenience which can easily be alleviated by signing up new customers on an ever more expensive yearly contract. The power of advertising and hyperbolic claims about their services ensures that the shareholders wont lose out. I wonder if the shareholders actually use VM? Maybe they are wealthy enough to have all the working 'bells and whistles' that SKY seems to be able to provide. 

Once again poor show VM, poor show VM forum administrators and VM contributing employees.

(Off topic and wrong forum I know but.....) Since my b/b speed "upgrade" my average download speeds have got slower. Customer services now say that this is due to UTILISATION problems. Once again advertising does not reflect actual user experience and the word utilisation is being used to cover the fact that their cable network, in many instances,  can't cope with user demand on the dated infrastructure and equipment currently in use.

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Re: TiVo extremely sloow

Hi andrewl12, 


Welcome to the forums and thanks for your post and apologies to hear your TiVo® is running slow. 


The first thing to try is giving it a reboot to see if this helps. Also, go through your recorded content and remove anything that you no longer want on there. Has this made any difference? 


Finally, try this key sequence: Home > Thumbs down > Thumbs up > Play > Play > Play. It clears the cache on the TiVo®. Essentially, the TiVo® stores data that it uses fairly often in the cache so it can be called upon quickly. Clearing the cache removes all the background data freeing up some of the TiVo®'s memory.


Give these actions a try and come back and let us know how things go as we're here to help Smiley Happy 



Forum Team

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