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TiVo box unbelievably slow

This problem is becoming unbearable. It is painful to use any menu as it takes an absolute age to load. This is happening on everything. The guide, the my shows section even selecting something to watch.

If there is no solution to this I think I will be joining the Sky Q revolution when my contract expires. It shouldn't be this hard to enjoy a smooth TV service especially as we have had roughly 5 price rises in 12 months.

My other issue is when the programmes don't match the listings.

I never had these issues when I was with Sky.
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Re: TiVo box unbelievably slow

Hi Nightfox77,


Welcome into the Community and thank you for sharing your post in the Forums. 


I am very sorry that you've experienced some slowness in the TiVo, It is interesting as when checked the box seems to be operating at the correct level and should be working as normal. I have had a look into the schedule and looks like some of the EPG data isn't up to date and would need connecting to the network. Have go at this to see if this remedies the schedule:-


  1. Press Home on your TiVo remote
  2. Select Help & Settings.
  3. Choose Settings.
  4. Select Network.
  5. Choose Connect to the Virgin Media Service now

Take care and all the best Smiley Happy



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