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TiVo box restarting

Had a new TiVo box delivered before christmas and to begin with could not get it working, after 3 phone calls and an engineer called out, the problem was it wasn't registered... the first call was to register the box, the second one was to explain the TiVo box was not working, at which point it was confirmed it was all done and our box would be ready to use in a short space of time, the third was to say it's still not working, they said they had tried stuff there end and we would need an engineer to fix the problem.... Needless to say I felt very silly when

the engineer made 1 call and they switched the box on there end!!!! 

And so after maybe a month, my TiVo box has decided to not work at all, for 3 nights I have had no picture and it just wants to reboot.... ALL NIGHT!! 

I have checked problems in my area.... None.... And when I click on problems with my tv they inform me we are trying to sort it out for you, leave it 10 minutes then reboot.... That is a waste of time as the box is rebooting the whole 10 minutes. I left the thing switched off all day today, turned it on this evening and still rebooting. When it did finally load to home screen it said network avaliable (C130) then a few seconds later it tried rebooting again.... As you can imagine I am completely fed up now. I didn't even want the new TiVo box, I was happy with the V+  box.... Virgin told me I needed it and then the engineer took my old box away. Wish I still had it... I would plug it back in and tell you, you can have the TiVo box back!!!! 

Please help, I'm fed up paying for a service I'm not receiving. My downstairs TiVo box works fine.... 

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Re: TiVo box restarting

I think you e been very unlucky. The first problem you had with registration shouldn't have happened. The box rebooting is a sign that it's probably dead. So you'll need an engineer to replace it. 

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Re: TiVo box restarting

Hi Nigelfish,


A warm welcome to the community Smiley Happy


I'm sorry to hear that you've had a bumpy ride with the TiVo® service so far.  I'll be happy to help check this out for you.


Currently I have not had any success in locating your account.  I will send you a private message requesting further details.  Look for the envelope icon above.


Collette Smiley Happy

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