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TiVo box not working


My TiVo box is currently stuck on the start up screen. We've tried rebooting without any luck.

I phoned the helpline, who told me that there was a problem with TV service in the area. This is not the case since my V+ box is working fine and showing all channels.

The person on the helpline said she would book an engineer's appointment, but that the appointment would be cancelled when the service fault in the area was cleared. I haven't received any confirmation that the appointment has been made.

I tried again to explain that there doesn't seem to be a service fault affecting me, and that the problem is with the TiVo box, but she was very dismissive and repeated that there was a service fault in the area.

Please can someone let me know how I can confirm that the appointment's been made and that it won't be cancelled when the seemingly non-existent service fault is cleared.

Thank you!

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Re: TiVo box not working

Hi jihyang,


Thanks for coming by Smiley Happy


I'm sorry to hear that your TiVo® isn't working right now for you and that we didn't confirm if there was an engineer calling round for you.  I'll be happy to help check out what's happening.


I can see a fault was logged but no engineer is booked currently.  When I check the box remotely all is showing as online currently.  How are the services today?


If you're still experiencing any issues please let me know and I can help further.


Collette. Smiley Happy

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