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TiVo box much slower than normal.

Our TiVo box has became extremely slow lately to the point that we are considering going back to sky.
We are no longer tied in to any contract and the service is getting worse even though we are paying more and more for the package.
Lately, since the appearance changed ( update?), browsing through menus has became painfully slow.
We have used less than 50% of the recording space.
Is there anything we can try to speed up our box?
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Re: TiVo box much slower than normal.

I have had the same problem and just posted my question on any fixes... I think your idea about sky sound the only solution unless they sort out the problem.
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Re: TiVo box much slower than normal.

Yeah I have had TiVo for 2 months and my initial thoughts were it was sluggish. But now it is beyond that. You have to wait seconds for something to change, deleting a recording etc.

This is woeful
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Re: TiVo box much slower than normal.

Hi all,


Thanks for your post and apologies to hear your TiVo® boxes are running slow. 


The first thing to try is giving them a reboot to see if this helps. Also, go through your recorded content and remove anything that you no longer want on there. Has this made any difference? 


Finally, try this key sequence: Home > Thumbs down > Thumbs up > Play > Play > Play. It clears the cache on the TiVo®. Essentially, the TiVo® stores data that it uses fairly often in the cache so it can be called upon quickly. Clearing the cache removes all the background data freeing up some of the TiVo®'s memory.


Give these actions a try and come back and let us know how things go as we're here to help Smiley Happy 



Forum Team

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