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TiVo box issue?

Hi, I'm having issue with my TiVo service, the picture freezes but I still have sound for about 20 seconds, then the box reboots, it's does it at least twice a day, no issues found with the service when I run a check, it's very frustrating, I've only had TiVo for  3 months after switching from sky, I'm beginning to regret the change, I had engineers out and they haven't found the issue, it's just done it again while I type this, now 8 times since 6 pm!!!!!


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Re: TiVo box issue?

Did the engineers change your box? It sounds like it's dying. 

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Re: TiVo box issue?

Hi Markymark65,


Thank you for coming in and posting for the first time Smiley Happy 


I'm very sorry to hear about the pixelation on the TV in the home, this is certainly interesting and something I'd like to help with.


I've had a look into the TV services and to my surprise there is little wrong in terms of signal levels, SNR, timeouts or any outages in the area. 


Can you tell me a little more about what's been going on, whether this is still ongoing or this is happening on specific channels or content?


Keep in touch Smiley Happy



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