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TiVo box dead !!

Hi there
My TiVo box is showing no lights even though it was working perfectly fine today ? Everything is where it should be , tried to re boot Made no difference, my wifi and phone is fine just the box ???
Many thanks
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Re: TiVo box dead !!

Presuming you've checked the obvious? Is that he power cable in properly and on at the wall?

only thing to do otherwise is to ring for an engineer. 

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Re: TiVo box dead !!

Check the power switch on the back of the tivo as well.


These are just my opinions. Feel free to completely ignore my advice. The above message may contain sarcasm (if you can't find it, you're not looking hard enough)
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Re: TiVo box dead !!

Hi Meriton107,


Sorry to hear that your TiVo isn't working. It certainly sounds like there's a problem with the TiVo if all the lights are off and service isn't restored after a reboot of the box. 


It's great to see our community members Parrotperson and Andrew-H offer helpful advice. I can see that you rang in, were you able to get the TiVo working? 


Please let me know if you require further help on this.


Hope to hear back from you soon,

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