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TiVo box constantly cannot Start Up


Is it normal my TiVo shuts and cannot Start Up at least 10 times each day!

Every time I have to go to disconnect the HDMI cable, to restart it and to wait to update or whatever it is doing.

I know that it's not that a big deal but doing this so many times per day is just bit of annoying.

At the end of the day I'm not paying for exactly "this-type-of-service".


Is there a point to book an engineer to visit - or just all the TiVo boxes are kind of faulty?



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Re: TiVo box constantly cannot Start Up

No. You have a faulty one so unless you book an engineer it'll remain faulty!  I think it's probably dying and you need a new one. 

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Re: TiVo box constantly cannot Start Up

Good afternoon DPP,


Thank you for coming back, I can see it wasn't long ago you were with us Smiley Happy


I'm sorry to read the 'Starting Up' is playing up here. I'd really like to help and I've been able to run some initial tests and I've not seen anything to link with what has been going on in the home but i was able to see some hard drive issues that would need some attention.


With an engineer on it's way out to you they should be able to take a look at all aspects of the service in the home Smiley Happy


I've sent you a 'Private Message', you can find this by clicking on the little purple envelope near the top right of the page.

Get back to me when you can.

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