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TiVo box almost unusable speed

i know this is covered in many threads, but the TiVo service is bordering on not being usable, TiVo navigation, menus, apps such as iPlayer and Netflix. The wait for something to happen is terrible. I came from BT Vision and thought that was bad. Could tests be done on my setup please?

Cables have been tested and box rebooted to no avail.

any help appreciated.

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Re: Almost unusable speed

Hi Markpt,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. I deeply apologise for the troubles you've had with the TiVo® service being unusable. I'll happily take a look at your connection.


I've managed to locate your account via the email address you've signed up with. From this I was able to test your TV and Broadband service and can clearly see signal issues on both which will need an engineer to visit the property to resolve.


I'll now send you a private message to discuss further. To view this click on the purple envelope on the top right.


Hope to hear from you soon.



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Re: TiVo box almost unusable speed

Mine slows down too but just do a soft reboot from the help menu - it usually sorts things.

If you are recording 2 or 3 things at the one time it will naturally get slow as the processor in the Cisco box isnt that great and neither is the amount of ram.
The hard disks inside are also Western Digital Green eco friendly 5400rpm drives not 7200 so they are also slower.


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