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TiVo Slow menus, unwatchable Catch Up & BBCiplayer only plays SD


Had tivo box and new superhub lthree weeks ago.

1ST the menus are painfully slow at coming up.

2nd catch up tv and on demand are unwatchable.

BBC Iplayer only just plays in standard def.and in hd theres more spinning cirle than program.

Online test say all is ok!!!

And yes i did reset improvement.all problems while not on internet so no slowdown from there.

Any ideas ? as i am thinking of sending this backwards step tivo back to virgin.

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Re: Unwatchable

TiVo can be and is slow. Reboots sometimes help for a bit but not for long. 

Best to give them a chance to sort it by checking your signals etc by calling an engineer before you bail just in case it can be fixed - I just doubt it!

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Re: Unwatchable

Hi bassman007


I'm really sorry to learn about the trouble you're experiencing with your TiVo box at the moment. I've been able to locate your account and I can see you've been able to speak with the team about this.


An engineer was initially arrange, but then cancelled. I hope this means you're service is working as it should at the moment? Man Happy


If not, we'll be here to help.


Take care



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