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TiVo STILL cannot stream Netflix.......

...after ALL this time, and TiVo is STILL, wholly INCAPABLE of streaming anything from Netflix......Smiley Mad

Case in Point:

Saturday night, sit down to watch a film via Netflix on TiVo (BIG mistake).  I choose a film (Creed), and after the Netflix loading screen and everything, the film starts. Half way into it, TiVo throws up the buffering 25% circle and then it just sits there - STUCK BUFFERING AT 25%.

TiVo is meant to have its own 'dedicated 10mb or so' cable connection in order to stream stuff and yet, it failed, MISERABLY, to do this simple task. My Apple TV (which, is only connected via WiFi), streamed the remainder of the film for me - completely hassle free).



I will NEVER again, give TiVo another chance to stream something from Netflix. EVER.

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Re: TiVo STILL cannot stream Netflix.......

With Netflix it's a case of heads or tails. Heads... It works perfectly, tails... It doesn't. Thankfully, for me it's mostly heads as I don't have broadband. The only other way to watch Netflix is via my mobile phone which uses way to much data.

I've had problems in the past but for me it's mostly good.

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Re: TiVo STILL cannot stream Netflix.......

Not the most technical solution, but have you tried turning your TiVo off and on again?  Whenever I try to access Netflix I have numerous issues, but when nothing is recording on the TiVo, I restart the box and no issues.  I suspect there are memory issues with the app on TiVo, and I wouldn't expect them to get fixed, so this will probably help.  I get the same sort of thing for iPlayer as well.

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Re: TiVo STILL cannot stream Netflix.......

Hi deans6571,


Thanks for your post and apologies to hear you are having an issue streaming from Netflix. Smiley Sad 


How have things been since you posted? I understand it's been a little while so if you are still having an issue, pop back and let us know so we can investigate things for you. 



Forum Team

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Re: TiVo STILL cannot stream Netflix.......

I had the "Netflix freezes at 25%" problem with TiVO and with Sony Bravia apps but it worked on PC and Kindle.

A helpful VM engineer came and adjusted settings and was sympathetic but the problem was not resolved.

The same problem has been reported widely on other platforms, I believe that the issue is caused by Netflix.

My solution was to cancel my Netflix subscription, I haven't had any problems since ;-)

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