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TiVo HDMI has no pictures or sound although menus and subtitles still work - HCDP issue?


Two months ago (early July 2016) my TiVo was replaced because it was faulty. The issue at that time was that many of the channels on my XL package suddenly became inaccessible and apparently the only fix was to replace the TiVo. HDMI pictures and sound (i.e. audio and video) were working perfectly at this point on any channels that were still available.

The new TiVo fixed the missing channels issue but it came with a new problem where the HDMI output would not display pictures and sound, although menus and subtitles would still display via HDMI. Because this issue only happened after the TiVo had been in Standby for a while then this problem was not evident until after the engineer had left. SCART output was unaffected and everything still worked OK via SCART (although the SCART picture is awful when compared to HDMI).

The workaround for the missing video and audio was to randomly switch either/both the TiVo and/or the TV into standby and then back on again until the HDMI audio and sound reappeared. A bit of a pain but something I could live with.

However, following a big software upgrade to the TiVo in late August, this workaround no longer worked. The only solution was to either:

1 - power off the TiVo and then power it on again (not something you want to do if a programme is recording at the time) or to
2 - unplug the HDMI cable from the TiVo and plug it in again (probably not something you want to be doing several times a day because HDMI cables aren't really designed for this, risking wear or damage to both the cable and the port).

So I called the helpdesk and an engineer was booked for today, 6th September (about a two-week wait!)

The engineer changed both the TiVo and the HDMI cable but the result is still the same i.e. once the TiVo has been in Standby for about an hour the HDMI output of pictures and sound no longer works (although menus and subtitles are still displayed). Once again the only solution is to either completely power off/on the TiVo or to unplug/reinsert the HDMI cable.

I've been searching online for this issue and the most likely cause that I can see is that it is due to HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection), given that my Sony HD TV is over five years old, maybe a fair bit more.

However I could be wrong so does anyone out there know better? Alternatively if I'm right is there a solution that does not involve me buying an HDCP-compliant TV or other piece of equipment (such as an HDMI splitter that ignores HDCP requests)?



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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: TiVo HDMI has no pictures or sound although menus and subtitles still work - HCDP issue?

Hello Neil,


Welcome to the community and I'm sorry to hear about the issues you've been experiencing with the TiVo®.


This is a strange fault especially since you've had the TiVo® and cables already replaced.


Are you still experiencing this issue today and do you have another television in the property to test if it's still the same?


Looking forward to hearing from you

Forum Team

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