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TiVo Box HDD skipping noise

Joined VM on Saturday and had the TiVo delivered. Since the moment I turned it on I could hear an intermittent (every 10-20 seconds) click/skip from the HDD. I'm aware that there is a passive buffer on the channels and a hum from the TiVo is to be expected. But this definitely sounds faulty and you can hear it over quieter moments on the television programmes.

Is this a common issue? Will VM send a replacement TiVo?

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Re: TiVo Box HDD skipping noise

If it's found to be a faulty box of course they will, you may need to call for an engineer. Regards Micky
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Re: TiVo Box HDD skipping noise

Hi Callum,


Welcome to Virgin Media and the Community Forum--it's great to have you on board. I'm sorry that you've experienced a problem with your new TiVo and a big thanks to LittleMick73 for jumping in to help!


I've been able to test your equipment and can see a problem with the TiVo, so I'd like to arrange an engineer visit to get this fixed. I'll send you a private message requesting further details so I can schedule an appointment for you. Just check the purple envelope at the top right of this page. 



Speak soon,

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