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TiVo Box Disappointment and Amazon Voucher


I had the Big Kahuna bundle installed on 28/04/2016. 

I am very pleased with the broadband but am finding the TiVo box a bit of a disappointment. It's not as slick or intuitive as Skyplus HD.

The lack of Dolby Digital support through the optical cable is really annoying. The Dolby to PCM work around I have read about on the forum is not an acceptable long term solution. Part of the HD experience is to experience HD 5.1 sound not 2.1!

TiVo also powers up by itself, in the middle of the night, for no reason. We have to set the volume on the surround system to mute or turn it off completely every night when we go to bed to avoid being woken up.

Any news on when these two issues will be fixed would be appreciated.

I switched from Sky based on a £100 Amazon Voucher reward. Please can a Forum Team member fill out an exception form on my behalf? Thanks in advance.

[MOD EDIT: Subject heading changed to assist community]

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Re: TiVo Box Disappointment & Amazon Voucher

There is optical support for Dolby Digital. I have an optical cable connected to my Denon amp and get Dolby Digital and Prologic andother variations no problems. You may need to change the audio settings on the Tivo. Try settings>audio>Dolby Digital>Dolby Digital (having 2 Dolby Digitals wasn't a mistake, btw, it needs to be selected twice).

Hope that helps.

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Re: TiVo Box Disappointment & Amazon Voucher

It's only supported if you have the latest version of software on your box.
Still yet to be rolled out in most regions
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