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TVP-811 Error on Tivo Box For Netflix

So has Virgin manged to fix this yet. Netflix works fine on my laptop & Ipad, but not on the Tivo Box. Like so many others on his forum it kicks me out at 25%,. It has got so bad I can no longer watch Netflix on Tivo, after today I give up. Virgin, please help

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Re: TVP-811 Error on Tivo Box For Netflix

Hi markmills100,


Welcome to the community Smiley Happy


We are currently still working on an issue with Netflix. I can appreciate that it has been ongoing for some times but we're not giving up just yet.


I have just taken an initial look at your TiVo® box remotely to eliminate any other underlying issues like signal/power level problems and high demand issues.  All is looking good in the sense your TiVo® box doesn't show any signs of these happening right now.


I'd like to get some further information from you if that's ok?  It would greatly help our investigation into this and hopefully and eventually come to a workable solution.


If you can reply with the following details that would be awesome:


- Is the re a light flashing or missing when the buffering/25% issue occurs?
- Is this happening during peak hours or at anytime of the day?
- Is the issue resolved by performing 2 Service Connections and launching Netflix?
    Follow these steps to do a service connection: HOME >  HELP & SETTINGS > SETTINGS > NETWORK> CONNECT TO MY VIRGIN MEDIA SERVICE NOW.  This will take up to a few minutes to go through.  Ideally you should do this when you're not recording anything as recording will be disrupted.
- When did this issue start, date/month?
- Is there a recording taking place when issue occurred?
- Check if there is an IP for cable modem:
     - Check from Help & Settings -> Settings -> Network > you can find the IP address in the top right hand corner of the box.
I hope you don't mind helping us out with this, when you can please keep me posted on how you get on.
Collette Smiley Happy



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