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TV stuck on starting up screen

Hello I'm looking for help. I've been on the phone to various different advisors for about 4 hours and I'm fed up going round in circles. 


I phoned on the 31st of October to downgrade to phone and broadband only. The downgrade to 50 from 150 wasn't meant to be in until the 30th of November. 


Came home from a weekend away and our broadband is now 50 and the TV won't load and the phone isn't working either. 


An engineer did come out and said he can't do anything because they have disconnected the services. After a couple of phone calls yesterday they said that they had disconnected it and they had reconnected it. After sending various signals to the box and restarting it umpteen times it still won't come on. The advisor on the phone has also stated that the box seems fine from their end so it's not the box. 


As of early afternoon yesterday it's been stuck on starting up and occasionally it restarts then says starting up but this time in red with a little clock. The box also has lights on it green red green then red and blue.  On the forum because I am fed up of being on the phone and no one helping. Thanks in advance! 

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Re: TV stuck on starting up screen

Hi Pinkpositit,


Welcome to the community Smiley Happy


I'm sorry to hear that your TV service is still not working for you after the account was re-activated.  I would like to help get this working again for you.


Currently I haven't been able to locate your account.  I will send you a private message requesting further details. (Look for the envelope icon above)

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