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TV keeps switching channels

My daughters are obsessed with shows like Kardashians & friends etc & record episodes several times per day & often simultaneously !

Unfortunately regularly when my & I are watching something else we get the dreaded "about to change channel message ".

Is there any setting that overrides this ie that gives currently watched programmes priority,does not automatically change channel & therefore does not start recording on another channel ?
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Re: TV keeps switching channels

Hi Borischelski Smiley Happy


Thank you for coming in and posting about the TV services.


I can see that there may be not only recordings scheduled here but possibly suggestions in place to pick up all of the Kardashians, especially if the girls have 'thumbed up' the show from the remote control. You should be able to cancel the recording from the remote there and then.  Turning off suggestions may help too, check it out here Smiley Happy


Also you may need to 'have a word', as full blown Kardashian is actually a thing. You have been warned Smiley Tongue


Take care.



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