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TV Channels

I am confused as to why some channels keep appearing for a month and then disappearing for a month!  Alibi & Alibi+1, Watch & Watch+1, Gold & Gold+1, Eden & Eden+1 plus some Good Food Channels.  I wouldn't mind but I've set my box to record some programmes on each of them and now they're not there, even though my box is showing a little red light as if it IS actually recording, but at the end of the programme there isn't actually anything recorded to watch!

Very frustrating.  Also very annoyed that unless you're a computer genius you can't actually access anybody at Virgin.  Why on earth they can't have a call centre I do not know - they make enough money!

I'm seriously considering not renewing when my contract is up.  I feel cheated.

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Re: TV Channels

There was a specific Xmas promotion on the UKTV channels so they were available to everyone over Christmas. This happens every year