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TV Channels "To Be Announced"

This happened a few weeks ago (before I got my box replaced) & Virgin denied all knowledge of it happening and it magically cleared itself the day before the "to be announced" listings were scheduled.

It really isn't good enough when they keep increasing the cost and this stops THEIR Series Link+ from working.

I have "to be announced" from 1st October on all 5 main channels & all their variants, plus Gold & W. I will be away that weekend, so I just have to hope that my Series Links on those channels will sort themselves out before then?? Not to mention any new shows which might come on from then on.

This is not what I pay a considerable amount for - and it's a basic issue. A copy of the Radio Times isn't that expensive! 

I seem to be saying this a lot lately: Sort it out, Virgin!

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Re: TV Channels "To Be Announced"

I get this quite alot too, normally have to go forward on the epg an hour or so past what the 'current time' is to find out what is on. It's getting rather annoying now...