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TV Anywhere App for Windows

I'm trying to find a better way to control my 83-yr-old mother's TV box and would appreciate some help please?

Am I right in thinking that although there are dedicated apps to do this for Android and iOS, the only way for Windows users is still via the Web-browser TV Anywhere site?
The TVA site is clunky and has missing functionality. I find that it takes ages to delete stuff (eg 150 News episodes that she series-linked by mistake). I also can't un-delete.

At the moment, although I live in the same house and am looking after her, she is on the upper floor (without a network connection) and my network is on the ground floor. I do have an Android phone and so could potentially use the TVA app on that if I were to get Powerline Adapters to plug her Tivo box into my network but would this app be any better?

Ideally I'd like to control her Tivo from my W7 PC and someone has developed a 3rd party application for Windows that seems to have possibilities; it's called "VM TiVo Net Remote" but the website has no dates in the change-logs or anywhere so I'm wondering if it's even still maintained. It might have become obsolete or Virgin's Tivo updates may have thrown a spanner in the works for 3rd party networking functionality. Is there anyone using this app who might be able to advise?

It does seem amazing that in this day and age Virgin have no app for a Windows PC on the same network. I'd like to be able to drag 'n drop recorded programmes, series-links, favourites, thumbs etc. and have an easy and quick folder structure view of what's on her box. The TVA web-site is light years away from that and feels like something developed by the Soviets in the 1980s!

Can anyone suggest other 3rd party Windows apps? Does anyone know if Virgin plan to develop an app for Windows?

I got mum Tivo to make life easier but it seems only to cause endless misery. She has a hard time using the remote control to navigate the TV GUI - which is poorly designed and seems to offer no high-contrast option for the partially-sighted. I pay around £75 a month for broadband (which I'm very happy with), telephone and TV but I really don't need my landline anymore (with All-You-Can-Eat minutes from Three on my mobile, it's hardly ever used) or the V Box I have for myself (I only watch boxed sets now and no live TV). I'm thinking that I may be better off just keeping Virgin Broadband (for the high speed) and cancelling the TV and Telephone. Maybe I'd be better off getting Sky Satellite for Mum.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: TV Anywhere App for Windows

I sympathise modern stuff is really complicated for the elderly. As you live in the house it might be simpler just to pop in now & again & manage it directly. Micky
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