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TIVO Error 7440

Every time the Tivo restarts this error appears and the TV lists shows only the basic free channels and these have the error message . I can phone 150 and they always reconnect me but this does not solve the problems. It only gives me TV until the TIVO restarts when the problem reoccurs. 150 has told be that it is caused by a problem with the membership card but that it is not necessary to replace it. The last help desk person told me to reboot the TIVO weekly -I foolishly did this and it created the problem immediately.

It seems that the only solution is to spend 15 minutes on the phone every time it happens(4 times this year)

How can you get to speak to someone with the authority to investigate and solve the problem. The guys on 150 know how to reconnect the service but are not interested in stopping it recurring.


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Re: TIVO Error 7440

Hi Stephen,


Thanks for posting and I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with error code 7440. I can appreciate this is frustrating for you.


It looks like you've managed to call in regarding this issue already. Fingers crossed this gets sorted for you. If you need any further assistance by all means get back to us and let us know how you get on.


Kind regards 











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