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TIVO BOX not fit for purpose

I am on my 3rd tivo box in 4years and the problem is still the same, if it gets any slower it will go into reverse.

i have just spent over a half hour trying to discuss this with somedody in a call centre which was not in the UK, i was put through the same set of useless instructions as to resetting the tivo box that virgin media put their customers through which does nothing to resolve the issue.

then i was told by the call centre worker that she would see about upgrading the tivo box and she put me on hold ( 5 minutes of god awful music later) another call centre worker spoke to me and ( yes you guessed it) she had no idea what i had been talking about previously to her co-worker,and she wanted me to go through all the rubbish again !!!.

i asked  her if she had been informed as to why i had rung them to which she replied no, so by now as you can imagine my patience was fast running out, so i simply asked how much would virgin rip me off for a new all singing all dancing tivo box that is advertised on the tv, £65.00 was the reply which i refused to upgrade. so it looks like i will be getting rid of virgin media after being a customer since the cable service into my house was installed under CABLE AND WIRELESS.

The way virgin media handles its customers is also not fit for purpose ie: ring 150 get 4 pre recorded options choose any 1 from 4 end up talking to a offshore call centre, and get nothing resolved unless you dip into your pocket, i didnt ask for a ENGINEER to call and FIX the slow box i have simply because all he would do is say there is nothing wrong and leave.

As long suffering customers we have no real means of getting in touch with anybody at virgin media who matters,all we get is call centre workers who work from a script and solve nothing at all.

OFCOM will also be hearing from me.

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Re: TIVO BOX not fit for purpose

I too am getting somewhat frustrated by the speed of the Tivo which seems to be getting slower and slower. Menus, even things like 'My Shows' take what seems like ages to appear and as for on demand .......!!

I was recently told that my second box (a V+ HD) is to be made obsolete and so have rather reluctantly had to accept a second Tivo. Great!

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